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Project in any direction 

Have the ability to project in any direction you want creating more opportunities and less limitations, you can do this by simply rotating the lens. Project on to the wall, ceiling and floor with the world's first folded two-axial rotatable lens.

Find that your ceiling is too high? Not anymore, project at oblique angles and still achieve great image quality with no distortion. 

Create large floor or wall displays with the edge blending and really entertain the audience. 


The highest range of lens shift 

The Fujifilm Z5000 has the highest range of lens shift within the the Ultra-Short throw projector market. The position of the projected image can be adjusted within a wide range of ±82% vertically and ±35% horizontally (in 16:9 transverse projection). At the same time, a memory function is equipped and can memorise the lens position corresponding to each direction of all 22 instration patterns.

Reach a screen size of 100 Inches from a throw distance of just 75cm. Equipped with an ultra-short throw lens with the projection ratio throw ratio of 0.34, the maximum of 300-inch projection can be achieved from a short distance, saving you a lot of space.

Lens shift fuji.jpg

Can be placed vertically or horizontally 

Save space by placing the Fujifilm Z5000 vertically or horizontally opening up more options on where to place the projector. This projector is surprisingly small for all its capabilities and advancements and only has a thickness of 108mm. With a retracting lens, when you are done with your projector you can perfectly fit the lens in the projector body.


Easy Portrait and Landscape Projection

With one simple rotation of the Fujifilm Z5000 lens, you can now switch between a landscape and portrait image this being perfect for advertisements. With this feature you can save yourself a lot of money and time with simple installation.


Increase Your Audience

Place the Fujifilm Z5000 Projector out of the way of the audience and closer to the screen, therefore creating more room for your audience to sit. This will also help with stopping the shadows of the person presenting.

audience 2.jpg

No Longer Limited By The Space Available

The Z5000 Projector can project in narrow spaces and because of the amazing lens shift you can still have the projection where you want it to be. 

Place the projector offset, out of the way or even in a corner and use the projectors lens shift capabilities to have it project where you'd like it.

Project onto any surface such as a curved screen with projection mapping.

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