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A World First

The new Fujifilm Z8000 projector is a unique 8000 lumen ultra short throw laser projector with rotating lens, sleek design, compact portability and high end installation features including vertical and horizontal lens shift.


Its ideal for installations in those areas where a projector would not normally be able to fit and will fit into all almost any space projecting an image up to 300" from very short distances.

Fujifilm Z8000 Unique Features

Bright 8000lm images and a class-leading compact and lightweight design


  • The FP-Z8000 adopts a high-transmittance lens and a laser light source to deliver bright 8000lm images. It can project vivid and high-contrast images even when used for digital signage in brightly-lit stores.

  • The projector realizes a class-leading compact (W460mm x D510mm x H163mm) and lightweight (weighing approximately 19kg) form factor by the optimum layout of components inside the main body. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally according to installation conditions to enable spatial presentation that makes effective use of otherwise wasted space. The design also reduces strains during transportation and installation of the projector.

The "folded two-axial rotatable lens" for spatial presentation as intended by the designer


  • The FP-Z8000 supports zero-offset projection (picture on the right), eliminating offset that occurs in conventional mirror-system ultra-short throw projectors to allow maximum use of projection surfaces in spatial presentation. Its 1.1x optical zoom capability means the size of projected images can be adjusted without having to move the projector.

  • The use of a large-diameter aspherical lens element produces the class-leading*1 Lens Shift function of up to 70% vertically and 35% horizontally. The function makes it easy to shift the position of projected images across a wide range without having to change the location of the main unit or direction of the lens. Users can freely create spatial presentation with their inspiration.

Enhanced functions for versatile image presentation

  • The FP-Z8000 has the geometric correction function, which corrects distortion caused when projecting images on a curved surface, enabling spatial presentation on curved walls.

  • Images projected by multiple FP-Z8000 units can be stitched together in the Edge Blending function to produce dynamic images on a massive screen.

  • The projector offers interfaces including HDMI that supports 4K signal input*5 as well as DisplayPortTM and 3G-SDI to accommodate the development of diverse systems.

  • The port accepts 4K signal input and outputs images with resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 (full HD).


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