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The FP-Z8000 adopts a high-transmittance lens and a laser light source to deliver bright 8000lm images. It can project vivid and high-contrast images even when used for digital signage in brightly-lit stores.

The projector realizes a class-leading compact (W:460mm x D:510mm x H:163mm) and lightweight (weighing approximately 19kg) form factor by the optimum layout of components inside the main body.


It can be positioned vertically or horizontally according to installation conditions to enable spatial presentation that makes effective use of otherwise wasted space. The design also reduces strains during transportation and installation of the projector.


Fujifilm’s Z Series models are the world’s first ultra-short throw projectors equipped with a bi-axial rotatable lens and utilize a 2 axis, 360-degree, rotatable housing. In addition, this lens assembly provides shift up to 82% vertically and 35% horizontally with the FP-Z8000 “remembering” those shift settings when the lens is rotated to a new position.


The Z-Series projectors deliver full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and offer a robust connection panel featuring HDMI, USB, RJ45 as well as the PJ link protocol. The units feature a one-chip DLP system coupled with a solid-state, laser phosphor light engine, providing a manufacturer rated 8,000 lumens of light with a contrast ratio of 12,000:1


The FP-Z8000 projector’s orientation is extremely flexible. Having 22 different lens and projector placement options makes it easy to project images on walls, floors, and even on ceilings, while mounting the projector in an unobtrusive location.


FujiFilm FP-Z8000 Folded Two-Axial Rotatable Lens Projector

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