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A World First

The new Fujifilm Z5000 projector is a unqiue 5000 lumen ultra short throw laser projector with rotating lens, sleek design, compact portability and high end installation features including vertical and horizontal lens shift.


Its ideal for installations in those areas where a projector would not normally be able to fit and will fit into all almost any space projecting an image up to 300" from very short distances.

FujiFilm Z5000 Unique Features

  • Widest Range of Vertical and Horizontal Lens Shift - The position of the projected image can be adjusted within a wide range of ±82% vertically and ±35% horizontally. At the same time, a memory function is equipped to memorise the lens position corresponding to each direction of all 22 instration patterns.

  • Simple Portrait Projection -  Simply switch between a portrait and horizontal projected image with just a twist of the lens on the projector. 

  • Rotating Lens - Project in various directions as the worlds first folded two-axial rotatable lens is adopted on to this projector. Just by switching the lens up and down, left and right, or front and back without rotating the unit, the projection can be achieved in all directions, either on the wall and screen or on ceiling and floor. 

FP Z5000

A Wide Range Of Features 

  • Installation Free - This projector can virtually be placed anywhere and be out of the way, With the projector being able to be simply placed on the floor securely and still get the image you want this can save you tons of money on installation costs.

  • Ultra Portable and Compact - The Z5000 is a small unit with a thickness of only 108mm and the projector can be placed horizontally or vertically. The projector also has a fold away lens which fits perfectly inside the body. 

  • Ultra Short Throw - Create large projected images (up to 300") without taking much space up with the Z5000 you can project a screen size of 100" from a projection distance of just 70cm! 

  • 5000 Lumens - This projector has an incredible brightness of 5000 Lumens, allowing you to project almost any lighting situation and still being able to see a clear and crisp image.

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