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The new Fujifilm Z5000 projector is a unqiue 5000 lumen ultra short throw laser projector with rotating lens, sleek design, compact portability and high end installation features including vertical and horizontal lens shift. Its ideal for installations in those areas where a projector would not normally be able to fit and will fit into all almost any space projecting an image up to 300" from very short distances.


Project in any Space at any Angle

Using cutting edge Fujinon optical technology, zoom and v/h lens shift coupled with ultra-short throw capability and the world’s first folded two-axial rotatable lens this projector solves many headaches of trying to make a projector fit into almost any location. Even projection from a corner into the middle of a wall is possible with the FP Z5000 projector!

The FP Z5000 is equipped with the folded two-axial rotatable lens giving the projector a capability of directing the lens up, down, front, rear, left and right to project images in various directions without having to move the main unit. This means it can project images not only on a wall or screen but also on the ceiling and floor, and easily switch between vertical and horizontal display.

The use of the ultra-short throw lens makes it possible to project images on a 100-inch screen from the close-up distance of just 75cm and the class-leading Lens Shift function of up to 82% vertically and 35% horizontally makes it easy to adjust the position of projected images across a wide range.

Japanese engineering and a laser light source ensures great image quality even on constant projection.



The FP-Z5000 uses large-diameter spherical and aspherical lens elements, based on Fujifilm's advanced know-how in optical design, and a laser light source with a brightness of 5000 lumens giving outstanding visuals in any light situation. This also reduces distortion and aberration edge-to-edge for stable projection of bright and vivid images.


Compact Design

As well as helping with tight space via the rotating lens and ultra-short throw capabilities the Z5000 itself has a very compact body design. With the body measuring at just 108mm thick it is the thinnest projector in its class and its smart design allows the lens and projector unit to fold into a box for easy transportation.

It also has sleek curved edges making it very aesthetically pleasing and perfect for display in art galleries, museums, events or corportate / retail environments where design and a small footprint is important.


Fujifilm Projector Z5000 Specification Overview


  • Two-axial rotating lens for 6 different projecting directions
  • Up, down, front, rear, left and right
  • Portrait / Landscape
  • Ceiling (top), Corner or Floor projection made easier


  • Laser projector for ultimate durability
  • 5000 lumens
  • Ultra short throw for best use of space (100-inch screen from just 75cm)
  • Zoom (1 to 1.1) and Lens shift function of up to 82% vertically and 35% horizontally for ultimate image control or corner projection


  • Compact 
  • With a footprint of only 0.18m2  horizontally and just 0.05m2
  • Can be fitted into areas other projectors can't
  • Installation can be either vertical or horizontal for narrower install areas
  • Easily switch between vertical and horizontal display
  • Easy Foldaway storage: compact body that turns into a box shape when the lens is folded in


  • All the Pro Install features of a high end projector
  • Includes: Remote control, lens cap, 2 vertical installation stands, HDMI cable, power supply cable, user manual, 2X AAA batteries
  • Product includes a 3 year warranty


Find Out More

Check out the FujiFilm Z5000 Videos! Watch them under the photos or click the links below!

FujiFilm Z5000 Projector

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