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Fuji Shows Unique UST Projector with Swivel Lens at ISE 2019

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The new Fujifilm Z5000 Projector has been unveiled for the first time. Fuji are perhaps more know for their optics and cameras than they are for projectors, so you maybe surprised to learn Fuji have now entered the projector market. Not since Casio launched their ground breaking laser / LED projectors has the projector market seen such a revolution in a projector.

Shown at ISE 2019 Exhibition in Amsterdam its sure to impress the market on many levels. Its packed with unique features and has a high specification.  The biggest trick up Fuji's sleeve is, its ability to rotate the lens across 6 different axis with just one twist of the lens.

From an installation point of view this will prove invaluable to installers, saving them large amounts of time on setup and making it easy to install in spaces where normally a large heavy TV would be required.

Impressive Footprint - The unit is much smaller than you would expect and surprisingly ergonomic in design and wouldn't look out of place even in a consumer environment so we expect this to be very popular with museums, art galleries and large prestigious venues looking for an aesthetically pleasing projector with curved edges and cool greys.

Fuji Laser UST Projector Specification Details

Laser ultra short throw

5500 lumens

A 100-inch screen from just 75cm

Rotating lens (two-axial rotatable)  projecting 6 different directions in total

up, down, front, rear, left and right

Portrait / Landscape Ceiling (top) and Floor projection made easier

Installation can be either vertical or horizontal for narrower install areas

Easily switch between vertical and horizontal display

Compact UST -  with a footprint of only 0.18m2  horizontally and just 0.05m2 when placed vertically it opens up many areas for projection where previously you would have to use a large TV. The Fuji model can be concealed easily in much smaller spaces than other projectors

Easy Foldaway storage: compact body that turns into a box shape when the lens is folded in

Stunning design with beautifully rounded corners

All the Pro Install features of a high end projector

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